We can represent or advise you on all matters pertaining to Family Law/Court matters. Legal Aid is available for all the following:


Advice/applications/Court appearances/Orders

Separation Issues

Advice/next steps/formal agreements/counselling referrals/Family Disputes Tribunal/negotiations between parties/Pre-Nuptials

Paternity Matters

Advice/applications for or against/DNA testing/Court appearances/Orders

Protection Orders

Advice/applications for or against/Court appearances/ Objection to attend Programme/Temporary or Final Orders

Maintenance Matters

Advice/applications for and against/Court appearances/Orders

Guardianship Matters

Advice/applications for or against/negotiations between parties/ Disputes Tribunal/Counselling referrals/Court appearances/Interim or Final Orders

Oranga Tamariki Children/Family Matters

Advice/applications for and against/negotiations with Oranga Tamariki /contact with children/ FGCs/Reviews of Oranga Tamariki plans/Court appearances/Interim or Final Orders

Power of Attorney Applications

Advice/applications for/Court appearances (if necessary)/Orders

Relocation/Non Removal of Children

Advice/applications for or against children to or not to leave district or NZ/ negotiations between parties/Court appearances/Interim or Final Orders

Day to Day care and Contact of Children

Advice/applications for or against/Counselling referrals/Disputes Tribunal/ negotiations between parties/Court appearances/Interim or Final Orders

Occupation/Non Occupation/Furniture Orders

(usually in conjunction with a Protection Order application) Advice/applications for or against/Court appearances/Interim or Final Orders